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Dating doesn't have to suck.

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Are you a Goodhearted Guy ready to be desired without turning into a tool? (Or you’re his mother or friend here on his behalf?)…

You’ve come to the right place!

There’s a strong chance you might be thinking, “What on God’s green earth is a First Date Expert?!” Excellent question, my friend.

Becoming a First Date Expert means that you finally have the skills, tools, and confidence to obtain your ideal social and dating life. It means you’ve hopped in the driver’s seat and are no longer at the mercy of ridiculous games, unwritten rules, and mindless swiping on dating apps.

As a holistic life coach and human connection specialist, with quite the dating journey of my own, I realized that goodhearted people of the world need to know what I've discovered. I spent 2020 creating an easy-to-read and actually-helpful guide, holding nothing back, so that you can not only find and go on quality dates, but actually make them count so they can continue!

Relationships don't stop at the first date...but they sure start there! 

Reading can be fun!

Especially when it goes by quickly, gives you practical application tips, and is ridiculously entertaining.

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